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The Harvard Club of San Antonio

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San Antonio, TX 78260

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Recent Graduates [Past 5 Graduation Classes] & Current Famil
  Description:  Graduates of the Previous 5 Graduation Classes, Current Students & Parents of Current Students
Membership price:  $0.00

Active Military Membership
  Description:  Active Military Membership
Membership price:  $25.00

Basic Membership-One Year
  Description:  Basic Annual Membership
Membership price:  $40.00

Legacy Membership: Spouses of Deceased Members
  Description:  Legacy Membership-Spouses of Deceased Members
Membership price:  $25.00

Crimson Patron-One Year
  Description:  Crimson Patron-One Year
Membership price:  $100.00

Three-Year Membership
  Description:  Save $20 off three Basic One-Year memberships.
Membership price:  $100.00