From the President

Dear Harvard Club of San Antonio members and friends,

Why should you consider joining the Harvard Club of San Antonio? What does the Club do, anyway?

Plenty, actually. Here are a few of our activities:

Student Engagement:

  • We interview high school students who are applying to Harvard College
  • We sponsor and give out Harvard Prize Books to outstanding high school students to recognize and encourage them
  • We share our own stories at college information sessions
  • We join alumni of other selective colleges as part of Ivy Plus for a sendoff of students before they begin their first year at college

Community Service:

  • We participate in Early College Awareness events to encourage students in disadvantaged areas as young as middle schoolers to begin thinking about college
  • We work with local nonprofit groups to promote literacy


  • We hold a Club sendoff for South Texas students who are attending Harvard
  • And we have fun at gatherings that include Club happy hours, the Harvard-Yale game, the Welcome to Your City mixer, Global Networking Night in conjunction with the Harvard Alumni Association, a Holiday Party between Christmas and New Year’s and an Annual Champagne Brunch.

Other events have included book club discussions, bringing in speakers and a members-only tour of the Pearl.

The Harvard Club of San Antonio welcomes graduates of the College, all of the graduate schools, the Extension School, and certificate holders from any of the graduate schools.

On a personal level, attending Harvard transformed my life by giving me the skills, confidence and credentials to pursue and achieve goals that I could have never have imagined when I was younger. As a first-generation college student, I want to give those opportunities to new generations.

Our Club makes a difference in this city, and with your help, we can do even more. Please consider joining and becoming involved in our activities.   

In the meantime, check out our activities on our website and Facebook group. On behalf of the Board, I welcome you to the Harvard Club of San Antonio, look forward to getting to know you better and can’t wait to work together soon.

Yours in service,

Edmund Tijerina ‘87


Harvard Club of San Antonio